Problem with Astro & epub files.


Mar 2, 2011
I just installed CM7 on my Nook and am having a problem with something that worked fine with just a straight root. I've been using Desktop Visualizer to do a shortcut to an epub file. The action within the shortcut would be Other/Astro/file.epub. I set it up as before, but when I click on the desktop shortcut, nothing happens. I went into Astro and clicked on an epub directly and it said "File type epub not found". I went into the extensions editor and epub is in there. I can't think of any other reason why this will not work. Any suggestions?
Have you actually installed Astro File Manager in CM7 or are you just looking through the default "File Manager" that comes with CM7?
Not familiar with Astro - but maybe it doesn't handle the epub format. When using Bluetooth - I can't transfer epub files - but my .pdf's send right over without any problems.
Astro handles ePubs fine on my Thunderbolt, and it worked perfectly on my Nook before CM7.

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