Problems replacing keyboard


Dec 23, 2010
I've got the G10, rooted running TNT Lite. Everything runs pretty well, though I cannot replace the keyboard. I've downloaed (purchased) SwiftKey (which I use / love on my Nexus One), and today the Gingerbread 2.3 keyboard. The problem is that when I go into Settings, I have Tap'n Tap Western Keyboard selected (by default). Whether I check SwiftKey o GB keyboard (the little radio button), I get the info button that says it captures personal which I touch OK.

But, from there, it never takes. I'm still stuck with the Tap n Tap keyboard...which I hate. Anyone else have this issue or a solution?

I have the same problem trying to use the thumb keyboard. Since you only have 15 minutes to return the app for a refund I didn't have time to play with trying to fix it but would like to hear from anyone who has. I'm running tnt lite 4.4 which seems to meet my needs otherwise. Turning the tab to portrait mode makes it just possible to type with both thumbs but just barely. Too bad, I have the G2 phone and have gotten used to two thumb typing on the physical board and I can go much faster with that method. I think I will use the tab to read posts and switch to the phone to reply. I have a Logitech USB keyboard that works fine but it' just too big to use comfortably and is not very portable. If you find a solution please post it.
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