Professional Drawing Apps


Nov 5, 2010
Ok so I got a Nook Color (rooted, of course) and a stylus for it and yeah, drawing on it is not nearly as good as drawing on the Wacom tablet I bought like two or three weeks afterward hahaha.


Dec 14, 2011
i know, it really doesn't address what you want, and this is an older thread that you may never revisit...but i like giving my .02 worth:):):)

if this is only about sketching for mobile, i think a resistive is a better screen for art, though not as sexy as the capacitive. the input on a resistive screen is immediate. one bad thing about the capacitive is there's a lag....i honestly don't know how some people do it. as a result, the feel of a resistive is as it would be in real sketching, where with the capacitive the lag makes it feel more like a "virtual" endeavor.

also with the resistive you can make "dots" with your stylus while you kinda have to move your finger a tad for it to mark on a multi touch. so there's a sensitivity issue when laying down a line on a capacitive. i mean, the drawbacks to a capacitive in sketching is important else why they they take so much trouble in creating a stylus capable of working on a capacitive. i would only do thumbnail sketching so resistive works fine.

then you have to ask yourself how important getting multi-touch is. i mean, i did fine scrolling around with a stylus on the palm pilot.