Question about users on my tablet


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Mar 26, 2014
Hello everyone, i have a question i cant find answer for and my tablet is not here at the moment. I have created a second user with some basic apps.. i want to know if the second user downloads a file, do that file goes in the same directory as downloaded files from the "owner" user? Thanks in advance!


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hiello councilof9, congratulations on your new tablet and welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets. In order to keep the users separate and protect their privacy, there would have to be separate directories. Otherwise there would be no point in creating a second user. To be sure, see if you can see the second user's apps in your app drawer when you do have your tablet. Also check to see if the second user can access the owner apps.


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Mar 28, 2014
Android KitKat has that multiple user profile feature, right? or Android 4.3? i don't remember it, but i've seen this feature on Nexus 7 (2013 edition) and it looks really useful to secure all of your private files or apps on your tablet. So other users won't see them unless you let them.