Lenovo Ideapad Questions


Mar 11, 2012

Am a first time user (Lenovo IdeaPad A1-07) and I have some pretty basic questions. Kindly help on this :

1) Need to know how to copy files from , say my computer onto my pad and when done, where can I go and view this, pls email me the entire path. I looked under downloads but was unable to find anything. I have installed a 16GB extra SD card on this.
2) Need to know how to log out of my gmail account. I set up my gmail account using the main account set up, but when on email, when I hit the back button, it goes as far as the main email page, but does not show me any option to log out of my account.
3) I have a seperate hard disk which contains movies. Can I copy the same onto the pad and view the movie ? If so how do I use the connecting cable to attach to the hard disk , pls explain.
4) How do I download songs/video songs onto the pad ?