Question on Coby MID7015


Dec 9, 2010
I will have a Coby MID7015 coming in January. I figured before I get it, I can learned from others that already have it.

First question: Has anyone tried a USB hub with it? See if you can run a mouse and keyboard off the hub. From my understanding, the tablet only has 1 USB port right?

Does the keyboard when hooked up work good? Does a mouse when hooked up work good?

I am mainly curious about the USB hub.

I am an avid Linux user for that last 10 years. I am sure once I root my tablet, if it doesn't work with a USB hub, I can add the drivers for it.

Has anyone installed Android 2.2? 2.2 is reported to be 40% faster than 2.1, so I am curious if the performance is good (If someone has installed Android 2.2). Also, has anyone heard if Coby is going to update it to Android 2.2? Has anyone talked to Coby? How is their support?

Has anyone tested the HDMI output?

Is anyone successful on tethering the tablet to an Android phone? I have a Android 2.1 phone, I would like to tethering my tablet to it. This tablet is going to replace my laptop on business trips. I need certain things from it.

Sorry for all the questions.

Also, can someone tell me if the case comes with the MID7015. I read in one of the other posts it doesn't, or maybe it isn't attached of the other model.

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