Questions about HSG X5/X6


Oct 7, 2010
I want to buy a device MID.
Choose between HSG X5A/X6 and WITS A81E.
I'm a little confused and so I have a few questions.
1. What is the difference Phecda P7 from HSG X6/X5a? Are there any hardware/software differences? Which model supports 3G?
2. What is the capacity of the battery and the battery life? Is it possible to replace the battery yourself?
3. What is the stability of the operating system? What are the most offensive problems?
4. What is the real package content? For example, in for Phecda P7 cover is not available, but for Herotab RK7 it is available

Sorry for my English, thanks!
I don't have neither device, so this is just my research

1) ODM issues with Phecda, low quantities. Phecda has multitouch, more expensive, less firmware upgrades. HSG is more popular. HSG has USB 3G module supported, the last I heard. If the P7 has an firmware upgrade I'm sure it supports it too.
2) Battery life is 3-4 hours with wifi on, from what I hear. The battery is replaceable if you solder.
3) Stability of the OS with later firmware updates is stable. Issues included random shutdowns, and I'm not sure what does since I don't have one. But it's quite usable from what I hear. Orientation of some applications may be messed up. Compatibility mode needs to be enabled for some apps to full screen. Generally, not all apps work on the device.
4) Don't be concerned about the accessories. Usually they come with charger, USB cable. Optional accessories include headphones and user manuals.
I read somewhere that this device has a bug - can not change the brightness of the screen. Is it really or it's fake?