Ramos W17 Pro 16GB getting hot when being used

May 25, 2012
Hi guys,

I just bought a new Ramos W17 Pro 16GB and the first thing I saw is that it's getting very hot when using it (almost burning).
I want to mention it has nothing special installed and it's brand new... I just opened it and in a few minutes (3-5 minutes) the back of the tablet was burning.
I went through some settings to see want can it be and saw the CPU mode, but it was in "normal" mode and not in "performance".
If it's getting so hot just when holding it and doing nothing... what about when I want to actually do anything with it: surf the net or play a movie, or even play some game?

I would like some help as soon as possible because I want to return it if it's doing like that and I cannot use it.


PS: the entire time it was on (10-15 minutes max), I did not use wireless or any weird application that could put pressure on the CPU and I made sure all unneeded applications are closed and not working in the background.