[Recommendation]Top Android Applications to Secure Tablet Privacy


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Dec 30, 2015
Super AppLock (privacy lock) is No.1 free applock for android ( smart app protector ) ! Lock apps, hide photo, hide video, hide file (privacy vault), protect privacy from snoopers or prying eyes ! All-in-one toolbox of privacy app locker with nice applock themes . New Christmas applock theme is available.
What does Super AppLock for android Privacy Lock do?
Super AppLock is a smart app protector and privacy guard to lock apps using password / pattern ! Use Super AppLock to hide photo , lock incoming call, hide video , lock contacts , protect text message, lock email , hide files, lock games & apps, anything you want to protect & keep safe in safe vault. Beautiful applock themes free to use. Privacy lock, lock your privacy! Let’s see how these people use it:
→“I lock photos, so I can view hot photos in the photo vault” Raj;
→“I use it to lock chat & SMS. My kids always want phone.” a mom;
→“In case I lost my phone. Even if I lost it, I won’t lose my private info.” Judy;
→“Lock girlfriend photos, no worry others will see her beauty” from Tommy;
Super AppLock Feature list:
New Features: Intruder Selfie AppLock will automatically take pictures of intruders secretly who entered wrong passwords 5 times. Just turn on the intruder selfie , and the snoopers will have no way to hide themselves.
1) applock: lock apps like gmail, facebook, gallery, download, settings, meets, etc
2) lock incoming call prevent others from answering your private phone call
3) lock recent apps protect privacy apps from prying eyes
4) lock Photo hide sensitive photos in photo vault
5) lock Video hide sensitive & hot video in video vault
6) Beautiful applock themes to change applock lock cover
- hot themes Christmas, night club, vampire, teddy bear, Aurora, football, basketball
- 12 constellation series Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus
- popular themes snowsky, chocolate, Valentine, race Car, leaf, orange, candy, Halloween,
7) app fake cover use fingerprint & FC (force close) to confuse snoopers
* Replace Super Applock icon with calculator or Weather icon for more privacy!
8) hide apps hide apps you don't want to see on screen (only support Rooted devices)
9) password / pattern lock shift the second option in settings
10) intruder selfie - catch whoever wants to snoop your privacy
11) Plug-in Kids Lock (Kids Time) & Guest Mode-Privacy lock
12) hide pattern draw path
13) random password settings
14) custom lock frequency: always lock/ 5 minutes/ when screen locked...
15) custom mode: choose your own profile settings
16) float widget: easy shift
17) lock files: secure important documents inside
and many more to come .
18) Support 22+ languages

Top 2 AppLock
NO.1 App lock in over 50 countries.
Over 100 Million users, supporting 24 languages.
AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls and any app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy.
AppLock can hide pictures and videos, AppLock empowers you to control photo and video access. Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. With AppLock, only you can see your hidden pictures. Privacy made easy!

Top 3 Smart AppLock(App Protector)
With Smart AppLock, you can :
lock any apps(SNS, Game, Photos, Videos, SMS)
detect and takes a picture of the Intruder
lock apps using Fake Forced Close pop-up
lock apps using multiple password
lock your phone using remote control
lock systems(Wi-Fi, Settings, install/uninstall and more)
Don't worry about exposing your privacy and private data to friends!
Don't worry about kids change your settings and game.
Lock any apps using password and pattern
Detects and takes a picture of the Intruder
Send the captured Intruder via email
Fake Forced Close pop-up
Multiple passwords for each app
Profile for each user
Customize lock screen(background and theme)
Variable size of pattern(1x1 ~ 18x18)
Remote Lock Control
Home Screen Locker
Support PIN, Pattern, Passcode, Guesture
Hide Smart AppLock's icon from launcher
Lock screen timeout
Lock screen rotation
Lock incoming and outgoing calls
Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more
Lock new apps
Uninstallation Prevention
Backup and Restore
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whitelist to deactivate lock at whitelisted locations(Smart Lock)
Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
Lock status bar in Home Screen Locker
And Lots of More features
Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI

Top 4 Secret AppLock for Android
Secret AppLock is an App Locker or App Protector that will protect your installed applications using a password, pattern or Pin!
Easy to use pass code security to securing your apps. Secret App Lock for Android - App Protector can lock your contacts, calls, e-mail, SMS, photos or any app in your phone or tablet.
Set passcode at first time and set recovery email address in Secret AppLock for Android device.
Recovery email address will help you to store your passcode in your email, which will help you to remember when you forget your pass code.
Features ::
- Protects installed Apps using password Pin, Password or Pattern .
- Hidden eyes
This is most valuable features of our app secret applock. This app automatically captured image who entered wrong password without your permission. So your device is fully secure from unauthorized user.
- Easily To use app Hide/lock for Android Device.
You can hide or lock your app from your android device with password protection.
- Prevent Uninstall
This is very useful features of secret app lock. Now nobody can uninstall secret app lock from your device without your permission.
- Photo Value
Help of this app you can hide your Gallery image from your android device. And you can also Unhide it from app.
- Video Value
Help of this app you can also hide your Gallery video from your android device. And you can also Unhide it from app.
- Change Theme
In this app there is one additional features, So you can change your theme of this app
- Background Change
Now you can set your favorite background from creative ios theme.
- Change Password
Now you can set password 3 ways in secret app lock. 1) Pin 2) password 3) pattern. You can choose your favorite methods to set your own password for this app.