Reset Android 2.1 tablet


Feb 4, 2011
Dear all,
I'm just looking for a way to reset my tablet,
delete all the applications and reset al data and
preferences as if I've just bought a new one.

When starting to use my table I installed a lot of tablet
and tried to root it using different softwares.
Now that I could successfully root it (for the records using z4root works
on a MID X5A/X6D tablet), I would just like to clean my tablet
from all the garbage I've installed.

Thanks in advance for any advice
Cheers, -Luca
Thanks I_n,
I can't try it right now. But before doing it, what do you mean by "Android and triangle"?
When I start my tablet I have first a splash screen showing the Android,
later it changes to some "android" with changing colour (like the gradient changes)
And then some "bird" is shown on a black screen.
When should I press Menu?
Thanks again in any case,
Cheers, -Luca
Hi, I did as you wrote, but after the reboot command
the tablest just turned off.
I turned it on and pressed menu,
but nothing appears (the screen is black!)
And I'm not able to turn it off!
Can you please help me???
If it will power down via the power button, power back up while holding the Home button. Hold it until the recovery screen appears.
Do you have the sdk installed? If so, try accessing it via adb or fastboot.
adb devices
fastboot devices
If it's listed by either of those two programs, you can reboot it from your PC.
I'm sorry I'm completely new to this... where can I find this sdk? I use ubuntu...
Did I brick my tablet???
Probably not, but it's going to take some work to resurrect it. Take a look at the coby ultimate guide post for info on the sdk. Post here when you've got it installed and I'll help you some more.
I've tried the " adb devices" command, but no device is listed...
Am I doing something wrong?
You may need to find a copy of fastboot if it's stuck in the bootloader.
Hi, I finally managed to get out of the bootloader. Though the tablet is still not reset to its factory status.
I don't understand very well the steps you told me so far.
Could someone give me a step by step help (starting from the needed
application and explaining the reset procedure).
Thanks in advance for your help.
Cheers, 'Luca