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Aug 3, 2016
You can find a number of different models of android tablets in the electronics market these days in a wide range of prices. But if you are searching for an android tablet under $100 then KingPad K100 10 Inch Quad Core Android Tablet can be the best choice for you. Though you may not get latest version of android operating system in it but still its KitKat operating system is better than a number of other android budget tablets available in the market for $50-60. The tech review of KingPad K100 10 Inch Quad Core Android Tablet provided here under will help you to know more about this android tablet so that you can make a well informed decision while buying one.



Categorical performance: KingPad K100 provides the best performance experience to its users with the help of its robust and powerful Quad-Core — 4X Cortex A7 CPU for doing multiple tasks including watching videos, listening to music and reading eBooks of your choice.

Sparkling display: The 10 inch display of this tablet is powered by SmartColor technology to provide unmatched display with 1366 x 768 resolutions. You can get crispy and sharp content due to IPS display of KingPad K100. Reading has become awesome now as you can see more content on the screen without scrolling it very frequently. It has made sharing its big screen with 178 degree angle of view with your family and friends more enjoyable than ever before. Its responses are more accurate and approachable with the help of the 10 point multi-touch technology used in it.

Multiple functions: You can experience the joy of fast speed loading while streaming music, making video calls or browsing the websites etc. due to its improved Wi-Fi module. You can pair it with your Bluetooth devices with the help of its built-in Bluetooth.

Immeasurable leisure: You can get access to the unlimited world of entertainment due to its pre-installed Google Play that allows access to lots of social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Netflix etc along with lots of apps for gaming and sharing your pictures and text with your family and friends. You can also focus its 2.0 MP front camera and 2.0 MP rear camera automatically to click photos and videos of your family and friends anytime. Both front and rear cameras capture decent pictures on daylight. Though the performance declines during low light conditions, still images come out as pretty good.

Connectivity with local customer service: The local customer service of US can provide you guaranteed on-time technical support, customer service as well as frequent firmware updates to satisfy its customers. You can contact their local customer service to get solution of the questions popping up in your mind anytime.

Enough and efficient power: This tablet ensures to run everything smoothly with the help of the Quad-Core CPU provided in it. You can enjoy the entertainment of your choice for several hours due to its powerful and efficient 7200mAh battery.

Perfectly satisfactory: KingPad K100 offers 100% satisfaction to its users due to its local customer service and 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.


The specifications of KingPad K100 10 Inch Quad Core Android Tablet include 10.6 inch 1366×768 IPS multi-touch screen, Google android 4.4 with KitKat operating system, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage capacity. Other specifications that make this android tablet the best in its class include Quad Core 4×1.2GH UPS, 2.0 mp dual camera, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB along with standard USB and 7200 mAh battery.

Customers’ reviews

KingPad K100 10 Inch Quad Core Android Tablet has been reviewed by nearly 150 verified customers who have bought it through tabletexpress.com. On an average they have rated it for 4.4 stars out of five but more than 60% of its users have ranked it for five out of five stars due to its excellent performance. Only 10% of its users have rated it between 1 and 3 stars due to various reasons. One of the users who have rated it for one star was not satisfied with the connectivity of this tablet with the router placed across a single wall in his home. He has bought it after reading the reviews of its previous users but it disappointed him very much. But the number of unsatisfied users of this android tablet is very low as compared to the satisfied ones. Most of the satisfied customers have found it even more than their expectations.


The satisfied users had not any problem regarding the speed of opening applications or interval of time while loading websites due to its powerful CPU Quad Core- 4X Cortex A7. They have up loaded very intensely graphic apps immediately on this android tablet.

They have found its Wi-Fi connectivity very reliable as it connects with the network without dropping the connection.

In-built Bluetooth and 2 mp dual camera

It contains 1 GB RAM and customisable storage capacity up to 16 GB by using a SD card

Its big screen of 10.6 inch allows viewing images of 9.25 inch x 5.25 inch size. Rest of the screen’s part is covered under the glass frame of the tablet.

Its screen with 1366 x 768 resolutions is very responsive to touch

It offers display stunning colours and crispy clarity

The android KitKat 4.4.2 is preloaded on this tablet which makes it easily setup within few minutes

You can use it for several hours due to the efficient power supplied by its battery.


It is workable only on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network

It cannot stream Hulu network unless you have a 5 GHz network say imac to stream it on this android tablet.

It cannot be connected to a standard plug for charging it.


You can find a number of tech supported android tablets in the electronics market all over the world. but after going through the review and pros and cons of KingPad K100 10 Inch Quad Core Android Tablet provided in this write-up and reading the reviews of its previous users you can easily make a wise decision while buying an under $100 android tablet for you. It has a number of features that make it the best android tablet in its class. It is easy to transport anywhere in this world as it is a handy tablet which can be placed easily in your briefcase or small bag.
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