ROM Cook for the Apad iRobot Here Wanting to Deflect


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Jul 9, 2010
I am an active member of the other Android community, and am looking for an alternate that cares for its members.

I plan to post my ROMs for the Apad iRobot here and provide other assistance.


Nov 4, 2010
I would be interested in your ROMS, I just purchased a IRobot 7" Tablet - Aluminum running RockChip2808 and 1.5 Adroid OS.

I have a couple of ideas that would make this tablet operate smoothly.

1. being able to overclock tablet
2. upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6, then rooting, using firmware for 1.6-2.1, ultimately to Froyo.
3. Some other Ideas would be to figure out a way to run LiveWallPapers on Tablet
4. Being able to run KaosFroyo v38 via xda-developers. maybe there is a way to work the program into tablet. I know that Droid eris phone ran 1.5 to 1.6, I currently have it running 2.2.1 stable with a 720 overclock from original 400mhz. I know there is a difference in screen size but do not know how that would affect tablet. screen size on eris is 3.5" running 600X480. I might not have any idea if this is possible to use cellphone program on tablet, but if so, it would be really cool... let me know if this might be possible [email protected].

Here is the link to download v38 for KaosFroyo