[ROM] HKX Custom Firmware for Batch 2 Rockchip 7" Apad iRobot - 0801


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Jul 9, 2010
For full details, go to my blog: http://myapad.wordpress.com/

This is a custom ROM for the Apad iRobot.

Features include hardware back button, 300MB data, speed enhancements, rotating Launcher...

My touchscreen on my Apad is cracked, so development has halted for now.

It is due for a major update to the newer 0630 SDK, but it looks like rogerbraun is working on that in his v6 Hybrid so I will modify his ROM when I have time and when he releases. I'm not a programmer, but I know some of the basics of ROM cooking.

There are other ROMs available.
hello i'm an italian boy and i'm interested for development into apad.. i have an apad irobot 10 incs with 128mb of ram red led batch 1 (without camera)..
i have this config:

1.2.7 ruiguan kern 2.6.25

you know any place where i can learn something about develop into these devices?
thanks a lot
I am updated on my blog.

As for the 10" one, someone mind uploading the firmware?
rogerbraun has been receiving tablets from tabletstoreuk and has a blue led firmware in addition to the 10" RK2808a firmware now.