[Rumor] New Toshiba Android Tablet Follow-Up to be Named the Excite


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Jan 5, 2011

Recently, we reported that there was a new and improved version of the Toshiba Android tablet on the horizon. According to sources from our friends at AndroidPolice, this new follow-up Android tablet has a new name. That name will most likely be, The Excite. A tipster garnered the intel about the device, but there is also two other bits of corroborating evidence. One is the Trademark filing above, and the other is that Toshiba has bought up the following slew of domain names: 'excitetablet.com,' 'excitetablet.net,' toshibaexcite.com,' 'toshibaexcite.net' and 'thetoshibaexcite.com and others. Incidentally, these three puzzle pieces were the exact same method that lead to the accurate deduction of the name for the Thrive as well. What do you guys think?

Source: ThriveForums.org via AndroidPolice