[Rumor] Nexus 3 Device Teased in Pics from Google Switzerland Employee


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Jan 5, 2011

Supposedly, the above pic was uploaded to Picasa by a Google Switzerland Employee named John Mueller. What is intriguing about these pics is not the content, but the hardware source. As you can see from the EXIF data, it appears that a heretofore unheard of Samsung device called a Nexus 3 was the source of this pic. Feel free to let your brain process that one for a bit, because it had us scratching our heads too.

Regardless of the shock of a new Samsung Nexus phone, what is really odd is the naming convention. While Nexus 3 would fit the fact that this would be the third Nexus phone that Samsung has made, it would not actually be the third Nexus phone to exist overall. Technically the HTC Nexus One was the first, which would make this device the fourth, which of course throws off the whole scheme for the LG Nexus 4 as well.

All we can do is shrug... The marketing teams at these companies have their own way of looking at things.


Regardless, the best part about this news is it seems to be further "proof" (using the term loosely) that Google will indeed be launching a multi-manufacturer Nexus program. We would have known for sure today, if it wasn't for hurricane Sandy. It seems that "Nature" has it's own way of looking at things too, and doesn't really care about our gadget obsessions.

Source: NexusTablets.net via AndroidAuthority
Maybe they started the numbering of Nexuses (Nexi?) at 0 ;)