Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Charging Problem


Jul 28, 2013
I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for 6 months now and those same issues started last week for me. First the battery wouldn't last as long as it used to. Then it would take longer to charge. Then when I was using my tablet while charging, it started losing the charge. Then it would indicate that it was charging, but the charge was not increasing. I had to turn it off to get it to charge. I managed to charge it to fill again and it managed to hold the charge all day with very little use. I just connected the charger and got the x over the battery. I simply unplugged and replugged the charger and now the charge is increasing even while in use, be it slowly.

Is this some kind of glitch that is going pass or is something wrong with the battery/charger? What can I do about it?
It could be neither the battery nor the charger, but the tablet. Because of the discharge profile of Li-Ion batteries, devices that use them keep track of their behaviour in an attempt to "predict" the battery's available reserve. If the remembered data gets corrupted, the device will do all kinds of strange things regarding charge state and run time.

I learned all about this because it happened to me with my Vizio VTAB1008.

Eventually what I did was perform a factory reset to clear the tablet's battery performance data, then run the tablet down until it shut off. Powered it back up and ran it until it died again. Kept doing that until trying to power it up resulted in no more than a brief flash of indicators. Then I charged it up over night. Ran it down until it started warning me about impending shut down and put it back on the charger over night again.

It's behaved normally ever since.