Scroll special Ed 8" problem


Jan 10, 2014

Hi All
I'm new on the forum so please excuse me for my bluntness, I really need some advice and guidance on this as the scroll tablet is really getting on my nerves and the guys at storage options have been far from useful right from the 'get go'.

I've updated load of OS's on various handsets used ODIN and even developed bootloader kernels myself but still class myself as starting up.

The issue I am having is with the the firmware I have downloaded the FW from storage options site for my make an model device, booted to recovery seen the alien and pressed menu as thats what works with this one to give the 4 option, selected 2nd option to from sd card. Then

1) Finding update package
2) Opening update package
3) Verifying update package
4) Installing update

At 4 the bar stops increasing in color and just stays at a quarter till its fineshed and says to reboot. When I click reboot the tablet reboots and hangs on the splash screen.

I have attempted to use other OS firmware 2.1 eclaire ROMS but they all give verification failed message and do not even try installing update.

Any help would be great please because I've been googling this for a few days and now I can not even find 2.1 zip files any where its like all servers have had them removed and I'm just finding dead links for what I need.

Thank you in advance.