What's the deal with scrolling?


Mar 16, 2011
Just picked up one of the v1 Archos 7 Home Table from TigerDirect( when it was listed as Android 2.1). Arrived yesterday and I had to charge it so I couldn't play with it or try to update it. This morning though I had 2 minutes before work to check it out.

Initial impressions are that this thing is pretty darn slick and better than expected. But...one major issue. Scrolling seems impossible to the point that I thought I might have a bad unit. Swiping/sliding with your finger did nothing to scroll the screen. When you attempted though, it would sometimes register the sliding as a click, so when trying to scroll the settings menu for example, it kept choosing sub menus thinking I clicked them. Finally I started to notice that if I gave it a lot of pressure during the scrolling it seemed to do a little better. But this seems more than just a resistive vs passive screen issue. Is this a general known complaint?

Unfortunately this scrolling would be a deal breaker for me. It's really bad. Is there a firmware fix for this, or some kind of setting or something?
You and I have very different opinions. I just got it from UPS (cheap delivery and coupon at Circuit City).
I think its a piece of junk. The resistive touch screen is horrible even compared to other resistive touch screens. It only occasionally registers my touches and is especially bad when dragging. Using the virtual keyboard is almost impossible.
I made a huge post on another forum about everything I dislike with this tablet, but the bottom line is I'm glad it only cost me a hundred bucks. It was a relatively cheap experiment. This will be up on craigslist soon or I will give it to my little cousin but I will not be using at all, not even as an e-reader or email or news or weather device. Too clunky and limited functions. Now I know exactly what I want from my next Android tablet.

-Hard buttons for menu, back and home. Search is not absolutely needed but if it has those other three, it will likely have the 4th.
-Volume rocker.
-Accelerometer for orientation if not navigation. Or at the very least a manual control to quickly go from landscape to portrait.
-Android 2.2 at a minimum, and full use of the official Android Market. Honeycomb would be better.
-A fast enough CPU and GPU to at least keep the interface running smoothly, and ideally fast enough to play 720p video and have it look decent.
-Minimum of 854x480 resolution. And either 24 bit color or much better quality 16 bit color with a better viewing angle.
-Capacitive touch. Multitouch.
-May want 3g or 4g and GPS so I can use it as a navigator, but not essential.
-Blutooth so I can use a keyboard if needed. Preferably one thats built into a case so it can act like a cheap Netbook.

Strangely my two year old Droid has all this and more. I guess I will keep using it as a PDA after my contract expires.

As for your issue, no software update can possibly fix bad hardware. This touch screen stinks and that cant be fixed. You could try using a stylus but I dont know how much better it would be. I used a bic stic and it did not improve my experience at all. Best of luck to you, but Archos let me down and I wont be going back to them until I experiment with at least a couple other devices which will probably take me a few years.

I returned my tablet after one day because of scrolling issues, it frustrated me. Packaged it up to return and after reading how people loved theirs I opened it up to give it another chance. Frustration set in very early, stuck in German till I reset it back to factory.