Skype for Leader tablet with Android 2.2

I don't know if it is the same for the 7" as the 10" Impression but this is what I found out and posted to another thread...
After holding for over 45 minutes, I finally spoke to Customer Service at LeaderInternational. HSN was wrong when they said Netflix and Skype work on the i10 80 which I bought on 12/6. (By the way, what is the diff between the i10 50 and the i10 80? Am I running Froyo or Gingerbread?) The company is working on a solution for Skype and Netflix but don't know when it will be available. Meanwhile, I can't get the 24/7 Tech Support for Dummies on the phone either. I have a call back for both Leader Int. and the Tech guys. I went out and bought a 32GB SD card. Before starting to work with installing stuff, I called the company and asked if the 4GB card it came with had anything on it that I would need to copy over and the guy said no. I also asked if I needed to format the 32 GB card before sticking it into the machine. They guy said no. HE WAS WRONG! Today the tech person said there was a lot of stuff that the tablet needed on that 4GB card. I had to copy it to my PC and then copy all the stuff I had downloaded and installed using the 32GB. Then she said I needed to format the 32 and copy the stuff from both files onto the 32. Did all of that and still can't install Angry Birds!. It installed but won't launch. I get a Forced Stop on it. I asked about the camera which is only good for webcaming, but you have to download an app and the tech could not tell me what was compatible. I asked about printing using the bluetooth. She said this was possible but she said again I would need to download an app and she could not tell me which one was compatible. I have been reading a lot of comments about Android Market vs Amazon Market and that this tablet was not compatible but you could root? it and install it. OMG, you have got to be kidding me! If anyone has successfully accomplished any of these feats, please let me know which app worked for you. I am not a complete dummy, but I really didn't want to work this hard to get a tablet set up. I already have a Velocty Cruz. I think this will be going back before my 30 day trial period is up unless someone takes pity on me!