So Cool - Pear Notebook - beyond the Apple and Microsoft


Dec 3, 2010
China Creativity: Pear Notebook - beyond the Apple and Microsoft.This is certainly not imitate other brand products in China,This is entirely created in China!Let us look at the leading role - Pear Notebook.It‘s wonderful.
et's take a look at this beyond the ipod, ipad, a new generation of fashion and technology of beach-goers of the world's favorite bar! !A feeling of deep blue super shell, three-dimensional brand identity, manual wind and full of personality expression!*!*Art must!

There are 3 USB 5.0 port, the read speed is now in the world's most advanced level, copy 1g 30 seconds before the movie!

DVD10 drive, read Blu-ray, D5, D9, D10 and other super-fast, with double-sided disc, Blu-ray carving, burning capabilities!

Ultra-thin, is screen, the new 3D display technology, say goodbye to glasses to see 3D movie era.

There can also load more than the market system, and comes with MunanSoft pear developed systems and Doors System!*!

The lower right of the mini-screen keyboard, the picture shows: currently being used is the Doors 10 system, can be a key to switch to windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and other systems.

Icons can easily be placed, touch screen mode can be moved in between the mini-screen

Combination of speech recognition systems and touch pad.

There are many other brands Oh ~ ~
Pear-Notebook-b.jpg note that this is not the notebooks but ordinary notebook.
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Dec 30, 2010
That's actually a pretty interesting creation. I wouldn't mind having one of them. xD