some advice please?


Oct 4, 2012
It's my first time buying a tablet. I am looking at:
MeiYing Android 4.0.4 Dual Core 9.7
I am worried about buying a tablet from china and whether it would be able to update software like flash and be fully compatible with the Google play market.
Another thing that worries me is i cant find any reviews anywhere for it and i cant even find a website for the company.
I plan to use this tablet for everyday use and will be looking into software and game development for the Google play market. is this a good device to test gave dev on?
As it is currently on sale for an amazing price for the specs (if they are true) I am thinking about buying this tablet but would like to hear your opinion and advice on my situation


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
I would be concerned too. There are a few vendors on the forum who sell Chinese tablets. At least you could get some support if that was the way you wanted to go. I think your concerns are well founded.