Sprint Lowers Galaxy Tab Price


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Jan 5, 2011

For you Sprint users who have been itching to try one of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, they are making a new offer that is pretty hard to resist. Sprint lowered the price on the Galaxy Tab by 100 bucks. The new pricing is $299.99 with a new two-year contract, or $499.99 for a contract-free tablet. The Galaxy Tab was hugely successful for both Sprint and Samsung last year, selling over 1 Million units in less than two months. The same deal is being offered at Best Buy, so you have choices. Either way, this is a pretty amazing price for such an awesome 7" tablet with Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, 3G or WiFi Capable, dual cameras, video chat...

What do you guys think? Worth snatching up?

For our Sprint users, feel free to check out our sister-site, SprintDroids.com, and chat in their forums about it too.

Source: BGR via SprintDroids.com
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It's good to see the price drop, but i'm pretty sure it will be dropping again in about 6 months. Before soon enough, it will be selling the WIFI only at $299.99. Gotta love technology ;)

I have a theory that $299.99 is going to become the norm in the Android tablet industry for new higher end products.Tablets over that price enter the rare "iPad" niche price scheme, and only so many tablets can enter this price range.
What's that sound?

The sound of no one getting it! People who wanted this tab have it and now it is the 2nd generation of buyers that want this. However who will pay $500 for something a little older, especially after seeing all the cool stuff from CES?

This tab needs to drop to around $350-$400. I wouldn't go any lower as it would tarnish the brands image.