Sprint Slate 10 Tablet Battery Gauge Not Reading Properly/Correct Percentage


Senior Member
Nov 5, 2016
This is my first post in these forums so here goes. Since day one the battery would not move from 100% not matter how much you used it (I gave gsam installed and it still reported 100% just like the factory battery gauge,even after about a week. Before being aware of having this issue I was watching a movie on Netflix and when I started it said 100% and about 10 minutes later the screen went black without warning and I attempted to turn it back on but no luck. Turns out when I plugged it into the charger the led was blinking red like the battery was dead and I proceeded to charge it up again. The only way I can get it to read correctly is only if I restart the tablet everyday to show accurate percentage. I really don't want to factory reset it only as a last resort. Much help is appreciated. Thanks