Stuck in Boot Mode Bauhn 9743G


Apr 13, 2013
Hi I have had my Bauhn 9743G for nearly 2 months now ad so far have been very happy with it. One day last week when I opened the cover to start up the tablet it showed Boot Mode and told me to select from
Recovery Mode
Fastboot Mode or
Normal Boot. I was able to select Normal Boot by moving the volume keys and the unit started as normal.

Tonight sae thing except the Volume keys will not work at all so I am stuck with a "hung" Boot screen. Only other thing showing is the word BAUHN across the screen. I cant turn t off or anything. I am hoping when it runs out of power & shuts down it will be able to be plugged in and start again normally.

Can anyone help or have you seen or heard of this before?

Any advise would be appreciated - linda_g_n
Considering the track record of poor quality control Bauhn tablets have here so far, I wouldn't muck around with it. Take it back......
If they have no replacement anywhere, get your money back and buy a more reputable model from somewhere else.
Please I need some help and I don't know where else to go. I have a Bauhn 9.7 AMID-9743G that is stuck on the Android Recovery screen. I need to reflash with firmware but can't find any firmware for this tablet. Can you please provide a link for any firmware and instructions if possible.

Thank you.
Hi veglisa, congratulations on your Bauhn tablet and welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets.

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your tablet, but a factory reset may get it working again. I'm not familiar with that tablet, so check the back to see if there's a small hole you can insert a paperclip into to reset it. If not, click this link, and try some of the methods suggested there.

If that doesn't work, hopefully someone will reply with a link to a ROM that will work for your tablet. Good luck!