Tablet Battery Help!!

Aug 30, 2012
My tablet usually turns off in 70% battery or 50% ....
and even it's not overheating.. And it's always been like this >:I And I charge it everyday because it easily turns off less than 50 minutes... I can't have fun with the tablet with such short time when I play with it when I am in a bus or other vehicles... CAUSE THIS DAMN BATTERY ALWAYS DIES EARLY D:<

So please everyone.. Help me how to fix this problem.. Cause I'm having a trip in my school D8 T^T
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That's pretty short for any Android style tablet. If it is dead after 50 minutes of actual use you may have a bad battery that would need to be replaced.

There may be a few things you could do to get a little more life but I'm not sure how much. If you aren't using WiFi or blue tooth turn them off as they are 2 of the 3 biggest battery suckers the 3rd being the screen.
I will recommend you to go for, samsung galaxy tablet 10.1. It would be pretty smart bet, I mean it have damn huge screen, brilliant touch, simple user interface, lovely design and have many other cool features. I love to use it, I won't hesitate for a moment to recommend it.
If it's shutting down when the battery is still showing 70% or 50% left, then it's probably not just a bad battery. Does it matter which app? Are some apps more likely to cause a shutdown? How fast does it go from 100% (or 90%) to 50%? When you turn it on again, does the battery show about the same amount as just before it shut off, or much more, even before you charge it? What kind of tablet is it?
@Miraton - I'm having similar (but not quite the same) issues as the original poster, and in my case, I actually got the vendor to agree to send me a new battery to see if that fixes my problems. (It should arrive in another few days.) However, if a tablet is still under warranty, I suspect it may not be a good idea to open it up yourself - and I'm not sure if replacement batteries are as easily available, especially for the less commond brands. As far as finding an expert to help - how would you go about finding one, especially one you can trust?
I got some device and some problem. I don't thing you can help your battery life even more as you did already. Don't forget screen take from your battery more than 80% ! so low brightness is biggest save battery ever.
My tip is not to use any battery optimizating apps. Just play around with brightness

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