tablet ID Help


Sep 21, 2010
OK so had a look and dont see anything (sorry if i missed it and im posting a copy).

How do I tell which tablet I have?
I need the USB adaptors as mine missing, need help to see what I need/can get.
you can tell us it the best way if you post a photo of your pad maby some body recognizes es.
So here is my pad......




Few details on the outside case and connections that may help.....
looking at screen with power button on right...

along top of it is two buttons on the right, "home" and "menu"
the down the right hand side...
is a micro SD card slot, mic, usb 5pin type, on/off switch, then another usb 5 pin.
on the left side is two speakers.

metal backed with a oval on it with the android robot in it.

this could be an eken or a moose?
runs 1.5 has 4GB onboard.

hope that may help as i really need the usb adaptors as want to use flash drives to move data from pc to it as use this thing for work sometimes :)
Rockchip RK2808 Apad with metal back

Any maleUSB to femaleUSB adapter will work. Make sure it's short.
I bought two off ebay...

thing is every time i plug in the adaptor and a flash drive the pad turns off!

I thought it needed a special adaptor as two keeps doing same thing....

can anyone help?

I think my pad is a moonse pad.
Xaueious said that you have a generic Rockchip RK2808 Apad with metal back not a moonse. Not all tablets can use flash devices.