new guy needs some major help picking a tablet


Feb 17, 2012
hi all ive just joined up and im in need of some help picking a tablet to buy, what im after is something with a 10" screen and fairly latest android OS id like Android market on it and atleast 512mb or hopefull 1gb ram and id like to beable to use it with mobile broadband if possable, the thing is ive done loads of reading up on tablets and im a bit boggled now. ive seen theres quite a few clones out there but would it be bad to buy one of them? if you could point me towards a UK based seller i would rather buy from here than else where, i was going to buy one from but after reading about them on here i decided not too.

I did almost but an Archos 101 around xmas time but after looking about there are better ones out there so i held back. really im looking to spend around £150 for one, i really like the look of the Zenithink ZT280 C91 Android 4.0 or the Bmorn V99. the Bmorn is coming out with 1gb ram? so ive read anyway but when is it out. what do you guys think of the Zenithink and how can you tell if its a clone? Ive seen it on Tabletsdirectsale for £148 they seem to be another china company but has anyone got any feedback about this site?

Sorry for the big post but i do hope you guys could help me out alittle