Tablet With No Internet


Oct 15, 2011
Seeing how much 3G capability increases tablet prices, I'm considering to get a wi-fi only tablet. The problems are that I'm not sure if it will tether with my phone (nokia e71; a lot of mixed reports about tethering with the phone) and wi-fi is not really available in many places in my area. So i'm preparing for the worst case: no internet once I'm out of home/office. Does tablet have any use in such situation? Does it become totally worthless if there is no Internet? If no, what do you use internet-less tablet for?
Well you could load it up with your music , videos and film.Use it as an mp3 player with a large screen until you hit a wifi hotspot and then you are home free.
In my case i have my lenovo tablet with sim and i can connect in the internet using my data connection but i will make you a cost..