Tesla to have Nvidia Tegra Touchscreen Console


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Oct 5, 2010
This isn't really Android tablet related (which is why I put this in Off-Topic Discussion) but Tesla - the electric car maker - has announced their upcoming Model S will have a whopping 17" portrait oriented touch screen for a dashboard console (Engadget Article).

Well, it might be Android related - Tesla hasn't said what operating system will drive the console, but whatever it is will probably have a custom skinned UI on it anyway.

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this "central computer" won't be able to also connect with mobile devices - it would be disappointing if it couldn't. But it shows yet another application for Tegra and touchscreen tech.

Now, if I could just win the lottery so I could afford a Tesla. . .


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Jul 9, 2010
Well this is still pretty much a tablet, just embedded in a console...

I wish they would just partner with a manufacturer and make an embedded dock or something.