The Latest on the Future of Android Architectures - The ARM Eagle Core


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Jul 9, 2010

Anandtech has reported that Texas Instruments has licensed the ARM Eagle core, which is to succeed the Cortex A9. Not only has TI licensed the enticing core, but they are also expected to be the first to market SoCs based on it. Being one of the leaders in ARM architecture and implementation, these new cores will undoubted find their way into future Android devices, presuming that Android is still around when that time comes.

The actual announcement for the ARM Eagle core is not expected till later this year, and Anandtech is not expecting actual implementation of the core earlier than 2012. It is expected to be a more efficient design in order to compete with the likes of Intel's x86 Moorestown and MIPS architectures, particular with within the Android ecosystem. MIPS in particular has been active in Android development for its platform, and has recently released an Android port in their attempt to gain a foothold in the booming mobile device market.

Meanwhile, TI is also expected to begin shipment of the Cortex A9 cores in Q4 later this year, with first implementations of the core in early 2011.

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Do not expect TI Eagle powered devices until around Christmas of 2011. While I expect better performance and less power drain, I would love to know by how much over what is currently available.