The Witcher Battle Arena is a MOBA Style Game Coming to Android & iOS Later This Year


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Jan 5, 2011

Fans of the The Witcher series might be pleased to know a new game in The Witcher universe will be coming to Android and iOS later this year. It's called The Witcher Battle Arena, and just as the name implies, it will be a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style game. For those unfamiliar with this genre, it is similar to League of Legends and Dota 2.

Despite its similarity to these other games, it will have a simplified system compared to those. There won't be any AI mobs to fight so players won't need to farm and can only wage war on each other. The game will allow players to choose from a wide variety of well-known characters from the Witcher universe, including Letho of Gulet, Iorveth, Zoltan Chivay, Philippa Eilhart, Saskia of Aedirn, and more.

For the most part MOBA games have failed on tablets compared to PCs. It will be interesting to see if this game can succeed. What's really surprising is that the game is completely free. That means it won't even have any in-app purchases either. This could at least lead to quite a number of folks trying it out. If they can get the gameplay mechanics to work well on a tablet, they might just be looking at a rousing PR success.

Source: The Witcher Battle Arena