Totally fed up with Windows 10!!


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May 24, 2016
I have a new ASUS T-300CHI 2 in 1, purchased in April.
I purchased this to be used as a 'tool' the past 6 to 7 weeks it has accomplished just about everything I wanted it to do and performs well...with the exception of Windows 10.
I made at least three, possibly 4 mistakes so far...removing windows 8.1; loading windows 10, and then deleting 8.1 .old from the files. Using Windows 10 for the first 4 days proved to be crap. I removed 'my files' and attempted to load Windows 7...Boot Manager went crazy on me and is still popping up at times when I re-boot or even start up.
I went to a shop, they cleaned up my mistakes and told me I had to use Windows 10...I'm stuck with it.
Personally, I don't care how but I want to get rid of windows 10...for ever!
I have a HP unit running on windows 7 now (again) after loading windows 10 and having a true night mare with it...I'll never load 10 on it again.
I don't care right now if it is a hack, or not...I only use Windows Professional Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. I do not like Edge, One Note or any other of their apps. But, I'm stuck with a couple programs that use 'MS' and need the OS...
Can I get a copy of windows 8.1 and remove windows 10 from this unit? Can I some how load windows 7 64 bit on this?


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Dec 27, 2011
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You are right about the mistakes. You will not be able to run Windows 7 as there simply is no driver support for it on the T300. With all you have done to it at this point Windows 10 is your only option. Either that, or get a refund. Windows 10 on the T300 should work fine even if you don't care for it. It isn't really that bad once you have used it for a while and the T300 is a capable device to run 10.


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Jul 27, 2010
Maybe you could find an image of the original configuration? The problem is it wouldn't be an "official" image and you would have no idea what else was slipped into the image. Failing that the best you can do is install third party software to make windows10 behave more like windows7.