Touch Screen Cracked, Need Advice on Replacement


Aug 4, 2013
Hi all, finally got my tablet working properly, only to crack the glass.
So... I need some advice, I think I've found a site that has the spares,
just need to know which on I should use for a coby 7042, any help MUCH appreciated...
Option 1 Replacement Touch Screen Panel for 7'' AllWinner A13 Q88 Tablet
Option 2 Embedded Replacement Touch Screen for 7'' Allwinner A10/A13 Tablet

If these are not suitable, what sort of touch sreen do I search ebay for? please don't say coby kyros 7042 as that doesn't work.
once again, any help much appreciated.
Many thanks
If the tablet still works I wouldn't worry about the glass, but if you need to replace the glass your best bet is ebay, buy a broken 7042 that has good glass and replace it. I have several tablets with broken glass that operate just fine, on those I don't replace the glass. I only replace the glass if I am going to sell a tablet or the touch screen doesn't work.
the touch bit doesn't work, its has multiple points of contact all going at once so cant use it :(
have now realised that neither of those screens will work, because while trying to remove the old knackered one have found the connectors/adapters look exactly the same as the 9inch screen and I cant find any anywhere that have the same connectors for the 7inch screen.
ok, different question, can I use a mouse on a 7042? If so does it have to be a certain device or will any usb mouse do if I use an adapter?