[TUT] How to Root the VL Prestige Pro 7D RK3066.... Easiest Method


Jan 6, 2013
This is a tutorial on rooting the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D. This method should work on many other Tablets and Phones as well. I've successfully rooted 2 tablets and 3 Phones with Cydia Impactor.
Rooting your device with Cydia is probably one of the easiest and fastest methods available.Plus there's no Spyware, malware, adware or a foreign Super user app being installed on to the device.

You do this all at your OWN RISK. I am taking No responsibly for your device if anything should go wrong and your device bricks, turns into a paperweight and your spouse leaves you!

To start -
Download Cydia Impactor for your PC from there website here -
Cydia Impactor

There's a version for Windows and Linux.
Once Cydia Impactor is downloaded, create a folder on your desktop named "Cydia" (or something like that) move the Impactor zip that you downloaded into the new folder "Cydia" that you created and then extract it there to that folder, use a program like 7zip to extract the file.

On the 7D Tablet go to - Settings - Developer options and enable/check USB Debugging. Make sure that you've connected the 7D to the PC before and allowed the proper drivers to install in all USB connections - MTP, PTP, Mass Storage and with USB debugging enable to make sure all the necessary drivers are install on the PC for proper communication with the device. You may have to install the Android SDK to the root of your PC's hard drive or a modified adb file to get the USB debugging to work properly.

Then go to the Google Play Store and download SuperSU by Chainfire and BusyBox by Stericson and Root Checker by joeykrim. Save these for later, we'll install them after rooting.

Now connect the 7D to your PC via USB with USB debugging enabled, Open the "Cydia" folder that we created, then click and run the Impactor.exe
When Cydia Impactor opens, look at the drop down window and make sure that the following is selected

# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/us

It's usually pre selected in the drop down window by default.
Click on the Start button and Cydia Impactor will root your 7D in like 5 -10 seconds.
Once Cydia Impactor is done rooting the 7D, close the program and all other windows that are open and safely disconnect the 7D from the PC.

On the 7D go to - Apps - Downloaded - Install and run the SuperSU app. Then install and run the Root Checker app, (grant Root Checker SuperSU permissions when asked) then push the Verify Root button, and theb it will tell you "Congratulations! This device has root access" this app is just to make sure you get SuperSU permissions and that the 7D is rooted and has root access.
After Root checker tells you that you have root access you can either keep it or delete the app as this app just verifies that you have successful rooted your device and it has no root functions.
After that install and run BusyBox by Stericson, you can install the latest version of BusyBox and I recommend to install it to /system/xbin
Now your done, you now have full root access on the device.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if so Please Click the Thank You Button
Good Luck and Happy Rooting!