Ultimate USB device / not charging question! Guru advice wanted!


Sep 3, 2012
Samsung galaxy note 10.1
Android 4.0.4
Not rooted

Tablet does not recognize my DSLR camera is connected to it via USB. I am using the USB adapter, and this used to work on my galaxy note as of Tuesday.

Tablet does not charge the battery via AC adapter or PC USB when the tablet is on. A red X Mark shows up over the battery indicator. Tablet will charge if it is turned off

Computer makes the USB device connected noise, but says USB device not recognized

Tablet recognizes that the USB adapter is connected, but not the dslr camera when the camera is plugged into the USB adapter. USB adapter: Galaxy TabTM Adapter (USB) (remove 10.1) and as I mentioned before, if I plug everything into the other tablet it recognizes the camera (usb device) immediately

*although this is the galaxy notes and not the galaxy tab, all of the hardware in connections seem to be the same. Wall chargers are exactly the same, and the USB adapter works on both. Or at least it did until Tuesday

What is not the problem:
USB wire, charger – I am using the stock Samsung USB wire and wall charger. It works perfectly when I switch it to my moms Samsung galaxy tablet. Also, the camera is recognized on her tablet, so it is not the USB adapter, wire, charger, wall outlet or any other ridiculously simple solution.

Tablet multifunction/charging port is not dirty

Restarting did not solve the problem

Factory data reset did not solve the problem (settings, backup and reset, etc.)

USB debugging checked

*#7284# PDA Mode selected

The only thing I can think of is that it is something in the firmware that needs to be reset. does a factory data reset does not reset the firmware? I’ve tried the factory data reset twice, the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] time I did not log into my Google account and did not allow automatic application restore. Remember this tablet is not rooted and I have not messed with the firmware at all, but I am wondering if rooting it and flashing a new firmware will fix it. If not it must be hardware, and the reason I’m hesitant to root it is because I would want to return it. If hardware is the problem.
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