Unable to connect to wifi Cube U30GT


Nov 11, 2012
Hello guys,

Today my tablet was delivered, all good it seems...just that I cannot connect to my WIFI at home (have not tried yet anywhere else).Then table identifies my wifi, I put the password...and nothing, it says -authentication problem-. I really do not know what the problem is, I have set up the wifi before for my mobile and and laptop. Then there is an option that says -WPS Pin Entry- and gives me a PIN to enter into my router, I do not have a clue how one can enter a PIN into a router and if this has something to do with the lack of connection. Does anyone know how to help me with this problem? Many thanks.
try turning your router on and of see if that helps,i recieved two tabs today both connected to my wifi right away also check the router make and see if its compatible some people reporting certain routers cant connect good luck;)
My suggestion would be to skip WPS. It's supposed to make connecting easier, but in reality it can get pretty strange, especially if you have more than one device. Use WPA/WPA2.
Thank you both, I do not know how I did it but finally was able to get the wifi connected. Let's see what other "problems" I got today...(I am totally a non technical person).