Unbrick Coby Kyros MID7035


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Jul 25, 2014
Hello gentlemans. I open a new threat because for problem explained here:
Hello vampirefo. First, excuse my basic English.
The question is I have a tablet Coby Kyros MID7035 (Android ICS 4.0.3, Kernel 3.0.8), which I had rooted. But, I needed to install CWM recovery, and then use your file "7033_fix". Now my tablet is always in "Android system recovery utility", and although I use "reboot system now", boot always returns to the same place ("Android system recovery utility"). ¿Is this the famous "brick"?

Now that my tablet is bricked, I need open the device and reinstall a new Operating System, ¿right?
If so, ¿is there a guide on this forum how to do that? ¿Can anyone show me a link? They were grateful.
Another thing, ¿what version of android recommend you guys, install in this tablet? This had a android kernel ICS 4.0.3 with 3.0.8 (I don't know if those data needed). Thank you very much. Regards.

Edit: I just realize that I write in wrong place. This post should go in Coby Tablets, ¿right? If a moderator wants to move the post to the correct place, be welcome. Greetings.
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