updates with WIFI only?


Nov 16, 2010
I just bought my galaxy tab and loving it. Bought it without a contract from Sprint. I am planning to use it WIFI only without a G3 data plan. But I am concerned about no being able to get any updates like Gingerbread. Is there a way of getting updates sans carrier?
when an update comes out you will be able to manually update it and it will be all over the web dont worry about that
A bit out of topic. When you got your sprint tab full price, did they have to still activate it for you and have you sign up your the first month? Or you just bought it? When I went to sprint they told me I still had to pay 3g service for first month. Then I can go month to month. Is that true?
At Verizon they said buy it and the first month then its month to month. Figure I'll cancel the 3g shortly as the Wi-Fi works great.
At Verizon you can cancel the data plan the same day you buy it and they will refund you on a pro rata basis...if you cancel the first day after you leave the store you will get 100% of the first months data plan refund....thus you will never pay $1 for data.