Jan 31, 2013
Hi, I would appreciate help with the following questions:

  • I connected my Win 98 to my SVP 9" Android 4.0gig tablet with 16 gig micro SD card. My PC picks up the tablet. The tablet and SD card file system show up fine in Windows Explorer. In the system settings on the tablet I have set Media Scan on SD and USB. But, using the default File Manager app my PC file system doesn't appear under USB '/mnt/usbhost1'. My SD card does appear fine but I ran into a problem here.
  • I copied a 1.41gig .AVI file from the PC onto my SD card. I had created a folder on the SD card titled 'movie' but I inadvertently copied the .AVI file to the root folder of the card. The file showed up fine. So I wanted to move it into the 'movie' folder. I highlighted it, cut it, and went to the 'movie' folder and tried to paste it. I got an error message and the file disappeared. What's odd is that when I go to 'Storage' system settings on the tablet, under 'EXTSD' the total storage space still indicates that 1.41gig has been used. So is the movie file still on the SD card and how would I find it?
  • One other thing I was wondering is that under the Storage system settings for my tablet 'internal storage' which I haven't placed anything in yet it indicates that there is two 'internal storage' spaces. One, which has 1.15gig and another, which has 1.41gig. The first 1.15gig shows 75meg taken up by apps, leaving 1.04gig. The second 1.41gig shows 684KB taken up by apps. Why are there (2) separate storage spaces.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Point #1, You won't be able to see the PC from the tablet if I understood what you were explaining. Using WiFi File Transfer from the G-Store will fill the bill.

#2 You may have a bad SD card. Can you attache it to your PC and see the file?

#3. Many tablets have the internal storage partitioned, 1 for Android and apps, the other for data. But that's a WAG as I don't know your specific tablet.
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