USB Keyboard for Aluratek Cinepad AT107F?


May 31, 2012
Has anyone successfully used a USB keyboard with the Aluratek Cinepad AT107F?

I've had my Aluratek for a month now and like it a lot. However, I'd like a keyboard for those times I'm on the road and want to type in a long e-mail. The touch screen keypad is nice for short replies, but ... I've looked at the cases that are on Amazon that include a USB keyboard, but don't want to buy something that doesn't work with my tablet.

I know I could return it if it didn't work, but for some of the units, the return shipping would be almost as much as the cost of the case/keyboard unit.
I have a sharp looking case that comes with a keyboard - $10 plus postage - however, I'm struggling to get the Cinepad 7" to recognize the external keyboard (you'll need a female micro to male mini adaptor, too, btw). Am currently looking through the forums for assistance on this...
I've had this case: Zuweiyu(tm) Artificial Leather Keyboard Case with Mini-usb Plug for 7 Inch Tablets (Please note:it does NOT work for Coby Koros,Kindle fire & blackberry playbook): Kindle Store

since June 2012. It worked perfectly right out of the box. I see that it's not available from Amazon any more but you might be able to find it somewhere else. I had also contacted Aluratek about hooking up a keyboard and they said the tablet was set up for that ... so I bet most, if not all, keyboards work with it.

Good luck!