Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet


Mar 11, 2011
So the question at hand deals with the ability to share my desktop using the android 2.2 tablet, zenithink 180 zt to be exact.

The main purpose of my application is to be able to tutor students via skype. I use the maplePaint app and what I want is for my students to view the desktop while I help them solve equations or whatever their questions might be.

One solution that I can think of is to utilize the HDMI output of the tablet since most of the programs such as FUZE MEETING and WEBEX require you to pay, what I was thinking involves using the output of HDMI socket and somehow plugging this into the usb port and making my laptop or desktop to believe that this is a webcam input. If I can find such a converter that would allow me to take the HDMI output and digitize it and input to the usb port, I could direct skype from my laptop to consider the tablet output as the webcam input and the student would see my tablet instead of the webcam and I could use an external mic for conversations.

I know that this question is not mainly regarding tablet pc but I wonder if anyone had any experience with a cable that would take HDMI output and convert it into a format that usb would accept it like a webcam.

Any idea you have is greatly appreciated.
did the tabet pc have the HDMI?the flytouch 3 have the HDMI port?Which the tablet pc you used?
I've never heard of using HDMI this way. To my knowledge... HDMI port functions just like DVI/VGA port except can accomidate audio. There are no drivers and you can't see device data through it. I could be wrong though.
I would use VNC. run a vnc server on your PC and have the students use a VNC client. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see the point of using an adroid tablet to share you desktop.
tablet is zenithink zt 180 and the hdmi output exists so I am not going to create a new output. I am not sure what VNC is but does that utilize usb to share the desktop or how does that work?

the idea I had was to share my desktop using an android tablet since that is the only way I can write digitally using a stylus instead of having a webcam above the paper. hdmi output is allowing me to project the activities on the tablet and if I can get the hdmi output to send the video to a usb converter, I could insert the hdmi output to usb input of another laptop and have skype on the laptop to share my handwriting with the other side.
in other words, how can I share my desktop on an android tablet? I dont care about audio since that could be taken care of by a cell phone but I want to share what I write on MaplePaint in real time, how can this be done?
I guess it could be done by using a hdmi to rca cable to take the video of the tablet and use a usb tv card to input to the pc, what do you guys think??