W1060G 7 inch MID GPS for $218 - anyone seen this?


Nov 11, 2010
Hi Guys

Saw this item when researching a 7" tablet for my car today:

Wholesale W1060G 7 inch MID GPS EBook Touch Screen UMPC Pocket PC Mobile Internet Device Tablet PC free shipping best

They tell me that they have stock available now. I *think* this is the same processor as used in the WitsTech A81-E. With built-in GPS this looks to solve my bluetooth connectivity question too.

Any opinions? I want to use this as a music/movie player in the car with GPS and for a secondary purpose as an OBDII controller and controller for the engine chip.


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Aug 6, 2010
It is the same thing, It is just a rebrand of the WITStech A81-E. There are about 4 rebrands of A81-E as far as I am aware. These all have about the same feature and price range. They still do not have a G-Sensor or Camera, or Microphone as far as I know.