What can an android device output to?


Oct 23, 2011

Just something I thinking of...

Would it be possible to have a tablet/smart phone output to another touch screen monitor?
Would this all be possible from the usb connection?
Would the device keep charging while outputting?
Would I be able to take the audio from the usb aswell?

Basically I was planning of building a tablet into my car's dash so I have satnav, media player, internet etc from the comfort of my car :) but this would mean the tablet wouldn't be accessible from outside the car so it becomes an expensive stereo...

My thoughts are if its possible to get all the outputs from the USB connection the tablet can live in the glove box with easy removal and I build a monitor into the dash :)

My android knowledge is limited so its all just questions :)



Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
A couple of other people on the forum are doing just that. Try searching via the forum search box in the upper right corner of any forum page, you should be able to find the threads. When you do, I'd suggest you PM the folks involved and discuss the project with them. It could save you a lot of research that they've already done. One difference is they were planning to mount the tablet on the dash.