Which Tablet For In-Dash Retrofit?


Nov 24, 2017
I own an Lexus IS300. I will be modifying one of the stock 7" GPS screens by replacing it with an android tablet. This is a fairly common swap for this car. In these cars, there is a flip up screen I would like the tablet to turn on or come out of sleep when it sees power to its charger. I would like the screen to come on when it is flipped up and off when it's flipped down. Im figuring the easiest way to do this is to find a tablet with a docking station I can modify.

I don't know enough about tablets to effectively choose a model good for what I want.
Please help, I made a short outline of what I'm looking for below.

1) 7” Tablet to replace stock 7" screen
a. Looks stock without cutting up the car housing. Most people cut a slot in the top of the housing to allow access for buttons
b. Kept cool when exposed to heat of sunlight. (maybe a Heat sink thermos controlled fan? Tablet will be sitting in a hot car in the dash)

2) Tablet features
a. Audio to radio (Mini jack out)
b. GPS navigation (possibly offline)
c. Connection to hotspot (shouldn't be an issue)
d. Bluetooth OBDII (can pick up a reader for cheap and use the Torque app)
e. Other tablet functions.....

3) Charge tablet in car using accessory Power. Not charging when key is off.
a. Screen turns on when the housing opens and off when closed. (maybe use a Proxy sensor?)
b. Sleep mode on loss of power. (put the tablet to sleep mode when Key is turned off)

4) External connection
a. USB port for data transfer (would like to mount a port in the glove box or somewhere to allow a connection to my laptop.)
b. Aux output to radio. (can I modify a dock to extend the ports to the glove box and radio?)

5) Buttons
a. External or relocated power and or volume buttons. ( I would like to be able to turn the screen on and off manually with a button. I was thinking about soldering an extension to the tablet for a remote button if I can't find a dock that has one)