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Feb 20, 2012
Not sure if this is right place to post/ask.Fly by night electronics show came through town,got a real good deal so I purchased.Have another coby tab,rooted and reflashed so I'm somewhat familiar.Also have some pc background so not completely dumb.Mine is 8gig,2 usb ports,1 micro slot,hdmi,GPS and ethernet port,also 3g.First boot screen says android world 2.3.About device,model # HT001.Android version 2.3.3.Kernal version root@ice #79.Build #GRI40.
Again,sorry if I posted in wrong place.Any help/info greatly appreciated.
Interested in rooting and modifying if possible.

Little book that came with says MID 701,showVersions and a couple others say M799ca.Still trying to get info from build prop.Had tried several apk for overclock with no results.Ended up in a german forum on a thread for a flytouch3 involving overclock,used that apk and had sucess.It seems this device was built from left over parts or was an experiment.The numbers send me to p041,p045,flytouch,china ipad,chinaphonehouse,7" slyvania or 10' maxitab and 1 or 2 others.Can't seem to pin down something specific.Maybe just a coincedence but things that should work don't and things that shouldn't do.
Thanks again in case someone somewhere can help make sense out of all of this.
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