What is the best Mini-Tablet for capturing LOW LIGHT Video?


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Feb 25, 2016
I have been a dedicated user of the SAMSUNG Galaxy line of Mini-Tablets and currently use the 7" Galaxy Tab. This size has proven ideal for me. It is small enough to fit in my cargo pocket, and just big enough to view my video archives on location. My only gripe is that whenever I am archiving a Low Light location, it is nearly useless. It is essential that I am able to capture details of a room or location on the go when I m traveling with my scouting crew, and it is essential that I have a device that is compact yet useful for playback, all in one.

Aside from having to change up my normal routine and start carrying and using an additional device, like a Go-Pro or other Video Camera, is there another brand / model Mini Tablet that will give me better results in a Low Light situation? Either by a built in LED light / flash or a night vision feature? Any advise would be welcome.


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May 25, 2016
I'm a Samsung User also. In my opinion, we can hardly make it to detail in a low light situation using a mini tablet only but according to what I just read, you could try an iPad Mini or Nexus 7. I think, they have a higher resolution and brightness compared to others.


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Jun 16, 2012
No tablet currently on the market will give you a decent picture in low light. For that, you'd need a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, a Nexus 6P, or an HTC 10 - all phones. All of them have larger CCD sensors designed specifically to bring in more light, which is what you need in a low-light situation. The iPad and the Nexus 7 use the smaller sensors and aren't as good in low light as the aforementioned phones.