Whats your best estLauncher?

ADW Launche EX

I hope you notice that widgets are not working with third party launchers

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I like Zeam very much but until the widgets problem is not resolved I will stick to stock launcher.
Im using the default one because of the widgets as well, however i do not like the stock launcher...because of performance.. I would like to use what i use on my Droid X which is Launcher PRO and or ADW Launcher..... ;) is there going to be a fix for this? Can anyone confirm it?
Great comments, many thanks. I did notice the widget issue and thought I was the issue, I will stick with stock for now.


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I've always stuck with native launcher on my devices. They work well for me and I don't spend alot of time on the home screen. I usually just change wallpapers to fit my mood and call it good. I did completely trash can all the widgets and shortcuts that came out of the box from the home screen and start fresh with my own configuration. Huawei cluttered up the screens pretty bad. I also keep at least one of my screens ( usually home ) completely empty of anything to have a clean look.

Glad I found this thread. I also wanted to use another launcher, but noticed the widgets aren't working. Guess its back to stock for me as well.