Where can I order a new screen?


Jan 4, 2011
I have cracked my screen. Where can I order another one. I have called Huawei and they say they cant sell me one. Please Help!

look in your area for someone that does screen repair for other devices. There is nothing super special about the S7 touch screen, and there are sure to be people that do this for iPhones and the like. If you can't find one in your area, I am sure you will find someone down in Charleston that can help you out.

I actually found someone on my local craigslist that does this work, and can order the replacement parts.
Thanks for the info. If I can find a supplier, Im sure I could do the replacement. Tring to replace cheapest way possible.
You can try calling 877-448-2934, but I don't know how much help they would be honestly (that is Huawei parts). Otherwise, try this: 7 inch 4 wire resistive touch screen panel, although I don't know the specs in detail. If they have this one though, stands to reason they have others.
Yeah i tried to call them. they said they would not sale me one. I'm needing the lcd part what would you call that?
Please help me , you are my only hope!!! I need one Too , how you obtained this, sorry for the bad eanglish, im from costa rican....

Here my mail: [email protected]

please i need them
I also have the same problem that my screen is cracked if you find any solution then share this with me.