Where to buy G10, Flying Touch II and ZT-180?


Dec 17, 2010
I've used both the ZT-180 and the G10 tablets. Although the G10 is smaller than the ZT-180, I like G10 with the "multi-touch" screen better, they both have very good video playback. I have added many Apps with the Android market app. If anyone wants a G10, Flying Touch II or ZT-180 check out to my ebay listing at SmartGiftIdeas for some great pricing, you can also send me your mail address and I can send you a paypal invoice. Pricing for tablets on Ebay for the G10 with 4GB and newer CPU is $185.99, the ZT-180 is $200.99 and the Flying Touch II is $227.97, shipping cost via UPS is included. For a few bucks more you can add a case and keyboard combo. No web site as of yet but one is coming next year.

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