Who doesn't have CWR installed and yet didn't get last update


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Jan 13, 2011
My nook is 1.0.1 rooted,I didn't install CWR but I didn't get the update to 1.1.0. But before rooting,a week after I bought my nook I got the previous update,I was registered back then with my yahoo account that I change before rooting to a gmail account.
I remembered other members not getting the automatic update even thought they didn't have CWR installed .Could it be that who is registered to B&N with the gmail account ate the ones who d don't get the automatic update? Just my theory.

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For a long time I was on a rooted B&N 1.0.1 and never got the 1.1 update either. I didn't have CWR installed and didn't do anything to prevent it. I did register with a gmail account. Eventually I put CWR on and now I'm not even on the B&N ROM so I won't be getting any B&N updates going forward. I know a few people got hit with the OTA but it didn't really seem that wide spread. To me it seems like quite a few more got the update when going into B&N stores and hitting their free wifi than just OTA.
Well JP, not a valid theory mine if you were registered from the beginning with your gmail account. But also yours doesn"t hold , since I bought the nook I've never used it at their stores, so many places here in MIami that offer free wifi. Ten days after I bought it I was at Starbuck, didn*t even open my nook yet and I heard the notification sound and I got the update to 1.0.1. When I bought it it was 1.0.0. So another theory at this point is the power of the mind....I didn"t want the update to 1.1.0because I didn't want to root again and I didn't get it! Anybody has a better one?
Ah IDK, is Jedi he is. IDK to BN update, " This is not the Nook you are looking for".

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